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Precision design and outstanding features of the capping machine

Information sources:本站 | Release date: 2019-04-03 | Browse volume:1478
Key word:Screw cap sealing machine design features
      Our precision-designed cap sealer range is popular for its high-end features such as accurate functionality, durability and corrosion resistance. Manufactured according to customer specifications, all our machines are easy to install and global There are also a wide range of needs in the market. Our cap sealing machine series includes semi-automatic capping machine, nut sealing machine, ropp cap sealing machine, automatic screw cap sealing machine, automatic shrink sleeve machine and automatic capping machine.

      Our specially designed semi-automatic capping machine is suitable for cap sealing in various industries. Known for its low noise and accurate performance, the machine is highly durable, durable and cost-effective, making it easy to synchronize with online machine areas such as fillers, induction seals, cartoners, washing machines and labelers.

      Prominent features: 1/2/4/6/8 heads, automatic cover feeder, SS304, SS316 and GMP models available in linear/rotary format. Variable speed drives, also available for PLC-based control systems, specially designed capping heads with an output of 20-120 bottles/min.

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