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Sterile manufacturing with automatic filling line

Information sources:本站 | Release date: 2019-04-02 | Browse volume:1489
Key word:Automatic filling line use
      Experience working with automated filling lines in a real-world pharmaceutical production environment. In the 2-day course, you spend more than 50% of your time in the clean room and experience all the key parameters yourself.

      You will use the automatic filling line in the Class A / Class B clean room and will focus on clean room procedures and behavior in the GMP environment before entering the sorting area.

       In one production process, we fill the vial with water so you can understand the operational aspects of the machine. Then we are serious. The secondary production run is a media fill that requires regular intervention and is part of the plan. Using visual inspection to identify batches, you can get a good idea of the size and type of particles you might encounter in your own vials.

      Of course, this aseptic manufacturing experiment focuses on environmental monitoring, for example through case studies and risk assessments, filling out, environmental monitoring and visual inspection, all results will be reported to trainees.

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