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High-speed automatic liquid filling production line filling method

Information sources:本站 | Release date: 2019-04-03 | Browse volume:1516
Key word:High-speed automatic liquid filling production line
      High-speed automatic liquid filling production line consists of L series automatic filling machine (L8, L12, L16), rotary bottle feeder, XG automatic online capping machine, 2600 continuous aluminum foil sealing machine, TB-YP vertical round bottle labeling machine and The conveyor belt has an overall size of (L) 9500 mm × (W) 2000 mm × (H) 2000 mm.

      L series online filling machine is a high-tech filling equipment, which can be executed by PLC microcomputer, photoelectric sensor and pneumatic. It is widely used in juice, soy sauce, vinegar, mineral water, medicine, chemical, detergent, disinfectant, lubrication. Liquid filling of oil and cosmetics; filling without bubbles, no leakage, suitable for filling 40-1000ml bottles (including shaped bottles).

      Unique filling method: The method of straight-line grouping bottle in and out allows the filling function to be expanded, and various containers can be effectively filled in this device. The international advanced inflation valve is used to ensure no dripping during the filling process. Powerful PLC software support for ideal filling operations. The touch screen color is completed by using a human-machine friendly interface.

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