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Advantages of powder bottled automatic filling machine

Information sources:本站 | Release date: 2019-04-08 | Browse volume:1582
Key word:Powder bottled automatic filling machine
      Powder bottled automatic filling machine designed for bottled/canned powder and powder materials, such as: soy milk powder, protein powder, soy milk powder, notoginseng powder, cumin powder, protein peptide powder, nutritional powder, rice flour, coffee Powder, baking soda, lotus root starch, walnut powder, leavening agent and baking powder.

      Advantages of powder bottled automatic filling machine

      The whole machine is made of stainless steel, especially suitable for GMP certification, food hygiene certification, and also suitable for the packaging of corrosive chemicals; touch screen man-machine interface, high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation, high filling accuracy, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.

It adopts special screw quantitative filling, real-time computer tracking, fast filling speed and high precision. Stirring adopts Taiwan maintenance-free geared motor: low noise, long life and maintenance-free for life.

      Fully sealed air resistance glass stainless steel side open composite box, material static clear at a glance, dust does not leak, fill the air outlet and vacuum device to protect the workshop environment. Variable frequency control, production speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, automatic counting. PLC control, accurate loading. Dynamic shutdown function, does not fill the bottle.

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