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Summary of characteristics of automatic bottled water filling production line

Information sources:本站 | Release date: 2019-04-04 | Browse volume:1630
Key word:Automatic bottled water filling production line
      The automatic bottled water filling line is available for automatic, rotary, rinse-fill-caps, for carbonated beverages from 350ml to 1500ml, round, PET bottles and standard pre-threaded plastic caps.

      The wind feed channel and the moving wheel direct connection technology are eliminated; the screws and the conveyor chain are eliminated, which makes the shape change of the bottle easier.

      The bottle drive adopts the clip bottleneck technology. The bottle shape change does not need to adjust the level of the equipment. It is only necessary to replace the relevant curved plate, and the wheel and nylon parts are sufficient.

      The specially designed stainless steel bottle washer clip is durable and does not come into contact with the screw position of the bottle to avoid secondary pollution.

      High-speed and large-flow valve filling valve, fast filling, accurate filling and no liquid loss.

      When the bottle is output, the spiral is lowered. It is not necessary to adjust the height of the conveyor chain to change the shape of the bottle. The host adopts advanced PLC automatic control technology.

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