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Advantages of special filling machine for lubricating oil

Information sources:本站 | Release date: 2019-04-09 | Browse volume:1583
Key word:Lubricating oil special filling machine
The special filling machine for lubricating oil adopts the immersion filling method, which is suitable for filling the weight of 10kg-50kg grease, and can automatically complete a series of operations, such as counting into the bottle, weighing filling, conveying the bottle, especially suitable for a series of operations. .

The quantitative lubricating oil filling machine adopts a programmable controller (PLC) and a touch screen for operation control, and is convenient to use and convenient to adjust;

The quantitative lubricating oil filling machine has 4 filling heads, each of which has a weighing and feedback system, which can set the filling amount and single fine adjustment of each filling head;

The photoelectric sensor and proximity switch of the device are advanced sensing components, no barrel is not full, and the barrel interference opportunity automatically stops alarming;

When filling the machine, the filling method is submersible, which can effectively reduce the generation of foam and meet the filling of different characteristic materials;

The quantitative lubricating oil filling machine is manufactured according to the requirements of GMP standards. The connection of each pipe is quick installation, and the disassembly and cleaning are convenient and quick. The contact part and exposed part of the material are made of high quality stainless steel material. The whole machine is safe, environmentally friendly, hygienic, beautiful and adaptable to different environments.

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